Crop Protection

Agricultural Chemicals


David Grays Aglink holds accounts with all major multi-national agricultural chemical supply companies as well as strategic national and local suppliers. David Grays Aglink is recognised as a key distribution partner for all major suppliers and accordingly we are able to offer our agents clientele the most competitive commercial offer in the industry.

Our multi-national supply partners continue to bring new and exciting products to market with these products being critical to the successful operations of primary producers today. With many growers experiencing weed and pest resistance issues the industry is reliant on new technology for its continued success.

David Grays Aglink is proud of the unique procurement model we offer our key agents clientele. Our unique integrated ‘Managed Inventory Model’ has seen the business grow 10 fold over the past 12 years and provides significant benefits for both our agents clients and key supply partners alike. Amongst these benefits are; a high level of risk management mitigation and numerous advantages with business working capital.