Future Farming and Technical Innovation Excellence

David Grays AgroAdvantage

David Grays AgroAdvantage is the Agronomic and Technical Services division of the David Grays Aglink Network. Bringing together more than 30 Agronomists and Advisors from across the network, the AgroAdvantage team is seen as Future Farming and Technical Innovation leaders.

The AgroAdvantage network has five key Trials and Development focus sites primarily concentrating on Demonstration Trials and Commercial Extension. The focus sites are regionally located across WA at Geraldton, Dumbleyung, Merredin and Esperance.


The David Grays AgroAdvantage network has recently completed three of the five field days that it has planned for 2018.

Warren Stirrat said; “the field days have been an enormous success with record numbers of growers attending, with comments being made from some of the more senior representatives of industry that these Field Days reminded them of the good ole days of the mid 90’s when bus loads of growers turned up from everywhere”.

Trial & development field day

2nd August 2018

The field day held at Binnu that is run in conjunction with Independent Rural – Geraldton, attracted approximately 45 growers and show cased a range of new wild radish options both as pre-emergent and post-emergent and also a range of new fungicides that are in the pipeline. The region known for its resistant wild radish populations, ensured that the growers in attendance were very keen to look at the performance of new pre-emergent products such as; Callisto from Syngenta, Gallery from Corteva, and post emergent options; Frequency from BASF, Howitzer from Conquest as well as Velocity – Bayer, Talinor – Syngenta and Paradigm – Corteva.

Kyle Carson from Youanmi Farms – Binnu said; “the fungicide trial showcasing both seed treatments and foliar treatments gave us growers a superb look at the various application options and the range of new products coming to market. It’s exciting to see there are numerous options available and more coming”.

Trial & development field day

9th August 2018

A record number of approx. 130 growers turned up at David Grays AgroAdvantage site of excellence at Dumbleyung. The day comprised of splitting into 4 even sized groups and walking around the 40-acre trial site viewing 12 different pre-emergent, fungicide, seed variety and pasture trials. Growers were given details of all products showcased by the 25 odd supplier representatives that were in attendance and were suitably impressed with the side by side layout highlighting product performance in simple ‘demonstration style’.

The day concluded with an address from Dr Stephen Powles the recently retired Director of AHRI (Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative) that all growers listened to intently. Dr Powles highlighted the need for growers to take a ‘systems approach to resistance management’ not just relying on chemicals but also include mechanical techniques such as the Harrington Seed Destructor and the various chaff carts options etc that help collect weed seeds.

At the conclusion of the day, Warren Stirrat made a presentation to Dr Powles on behalf of the David Grays Aglink network and the associated industry representatives, which was warmly received.

Trial & development field day

16th August 2018

Again, a record number off approx. 100 growers came from all over the eastern and central wheatbelt to view new annual ryegrass molecules; BASF684 from BASF, F9600 from FMC that were put up against tried and true technologies including Sakura, Boxer Gold, Prosulfocarb, Trifluralin and a range of mixes.

Growers also viewed wild radish trials, various liming trial detailing techniques and product options as well as a weed species -matricaria trial in pastures.

The overwhelming feedback was best summed up by Murray Dixon of Fairview Farms - Narembeen who said; “it was awesome to be able to come to one spot and see so many new products in side by side demonstrations that are going to have relevance in all our farm programs”.

The last two field days for the David Grays AgroAdvantage network are planned for the 18th September in Esperance and the 20th September back in Dumbleyung.