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Syngenta Reflex


1. How does the addition of a mix partner to Reflex compare to Reflex applied alone with respect to efficacy and crop safety?
2. How does the efficacy and crop safety of Reflex applied alone at various timings and in the various mixes compare to the local standard? (Simazine (1L/ha) + Metribuzin (280ml/ha) IBS)


The 2-replicate demonstration was sown on the 1st of May with Gunyidi Lupins at 100kg/ha into a dry soil profile in Corrigin, WA. The IBS treatments were applied immediately before seeding, 34mm of rain fell during the three days post seeding . The Post Sowing Pre-Emergent treatments were applied on the 6th of May, and the post emergent Brodal Options treatment was applied on the 25th of June (5-6 leaf capeweed stage).The primary target was capeweed due to the site’s high burden 106 plants/m2 (at 6WAS). The crop
was farmer sown perpendicular to the IBS applications.The growing season rainfall was 483mm. The previous crop was wheat, and the soil type was sandy.

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