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Active Prime, Active Build and Active Grain fill crop response in wheat

By 8 January 2021February 8th, 2021Dumbleyung 2020, Dumbleyung Nutrition 2020


To evaluate the efficacy of Active PRIME, Active BUILD and Active Grain FILL on seed germination, vigour, disease rating, grain yield and grain protein content in wheat.


The trial was sown on the 2nd of June 2020 in Dumbleyung, WA where the GSR was 240mm. The first major rain event after seeding (20mm) occurred on the 18th of June. Foliar treatments of Active Build were applied on the 30th of July. Active Grain fill was applied at ear emergence prior to flowering Z55 (ear half emerged).


Early Knockdown – 16/3/2020: Nufarm Weedmaster DST 1.5L/ha, Sharpen 20g/ha, Hasten 1%.

Pre-Seeding Knockdown – 19/5/20: Nufarm Weedmaster DST 1.L/ha, corteva Goal 60ml/ha, Hammer 15ml/ha, Wetter1000 0.2%, ammonium sulphate 1%.

Early Knockdown – 25/5/2020: Nufarm Weedmaster DST 1.5L/ha, Sharpen 20g/ha, Kamba 750 200ml/ha, Hasten 1%, Ammonium Sulphate 1%.

Early Nitrogen Application –  26/5/2020: CSBP Flexi N 80L/ha.


Seeding – 2/6/20: Wheat scepter 70kg/ha, Evergol Energy seed treatment 130ml/100kg, Double Phos 130kg/ha, Sulphate of Potash 50 kg/ha.

Seed treatment applications – 2/6/20: As per design.


Nitrogen Top-up – 10/7/20: CSBP Flexi N 80L/ha.

Radish & Fungal Control – 29/7/20:  BASF Opera Fungicide 500ml/ha, Triasulfuron 750 WG 8g/ha, Conquest Alpha Forte 60ml/ha, Pyrinex Super 150ml/ha, LVE MCPA 500ml/ha.

Foliar Treatment Applications – 29/7/20: as per trial design.


Emergence counts 29DAS

Vigour rating 1-100 scale 15DAAB. Relative scale compared to the highest rated plot


Yield and Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI  = (t/ha*grain price)-$/ha of product. Product prices excluding cost of clearing and handling, margins of distribution and retail level.

CBH receival standards

Key Findings

  • No significant yield difference between treatments.
  • Higher emergence numbers in plots treated with active prime seed treatment.
  • Active prime 4ml/kg achieved 15% & 18% increase in crop emergence numbers for both treatments respectively.
  • Treatment differences were not visible past tillering.
  • No significant difference between Active Prime 4ml/kg seed treatments stand alone and Active Prime 4ml/kg followed by Active build 2.5L/ha and Active Grainfill 2.5L/ha.
  • Higher plant density at emergence in Active Prime treated plots, translated into vigour observations later in the season. Wheat yields were lower than expected, around 2.5 t/ha, as a result of low growing season rainfall.
  • Soil pH 5-5.5 should have healthy soil microbial activity and nutrient availability. In this season responses were not significant.