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TruFlex & Roundup Ready Canola Varieties

By 16 September 2020January 20th, 2021Brookton 2020, Brookton Canola

Company: Bayer, BASF, NuSeed, Pacific Seeds, Pioneer


  1. To demonstrate the differences in sowing a TruFlex canola variety in comparison to a standard Roundup Ready canola
  2. To demonstrate the differences between varieties with single and dual stacked technologies


Immediately Pre-seeding 20/05/20: ADAMA Spraytop 250 1L/ha; Nufarm TriflurX 1.5L/ha; FMC Rustler 560g/ha; Conquest Alpha Forte 40mL/ha

Early Nitrogen 20/05/20: CSBP Flexi-N 80L/ha


Seeding 21/05/20: Canola Varieties @25 plants/m2; CSBP Double Phos 130kg/ha; CSBP Sulphate of Potash 50kg/ha; Impact Infurrow 400mL/ha


Nitrogen Top-up 21/05/20: CSBP Flexi-N 80L/ha