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Pasture Herbicide Screening 2019

By 14 September 2020January 21st, 2021Brookton 2020, Brookton Pasture

David Grays AgLink & Brookton Rural Traders Grower Requested Screening

Objective: To demonstrate the effects of different pre and post emergent herbicides on Sub-Clover, Medic, Serradella, Vetch, Grazing Crops, Crop & Vetch mixes


Pre-seeding Spray – 13/05/19: FMC Hammer 20mL/ha; Glyphosate 2L/ha

Pre-emergent Treatments – 14/05/19


Seeding – 15/05/2019: All varieties sown at rates in design. Fertilizer rates & Inoculum also in design


Insecticide 28/06/19: ADAMA Pyrinex Super 500mL/ha, 0.5% adjuvant

Grass control 15/07/19: (Varieties A-N) Corteva Verdict 520 100mL/ha, Impact 0.5%

Fungicide 16/07/19: (Varieties P&Q) BASF Opera 500mL/ha

Treatment Spray 16/07/19: Corteva Gallery treatment

Post Emergent Treatment Sprays 24/07/19