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Murdoch Pasture Herbicide Screening

By 14 September 2020January 20th, 2021Brookton 2020, Brookton Pasture

Company: Murdoch University

Objective: To determine levels of damage incurred following various herbicide applications in Vetch, Sub Clover, French Serradella & Biserulla


*No knockdown and no IBS applications as no weeds were present at time of seeding


Seeding – 11/05/20

Frano – French Serradella 8kg/ha (scarified seed) with group G/S alosca 15kg/ha

Casbah – Biserulla 5kg/ha with group BS peat

Dalkeith – Sub Clover 10kg/ha with group C peat

Timok – Vetch 45kg/ha with group F/E alosca 15kg/ha


Treatment Spray – 03/07/20: All treatment sprays were applied as per protocol above