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Barley Fungal Systems

By 14 September 2020March 9th, 2021Fungicides 2020, South Stirlings 2020


  1. Highlight the “do’s and don’ts” of fungicide use in barley.
  2. Demonstrate effective MOA rotations and mixes.
  3. Demonstrate effective seed treatments, Z32 foliar applications and Flag leaf applications.


The trial was sown on the 25th of May in the South Stirlings region on a paddock that rotates barley and canola. In-furrow treatments were applied using a split boot system and the seeding depth was 20-30mm. A dry start to the season led to a decile one for disease in 2020. Low pressure combined with stressful crop conditions were not conducive for a fungal environment.


Pre-seeding Knockdown – 5/5/2020: Glyphosate 1L/ha, Goal 60ml/ha, Hammer 400EC 15ml/ha, Wetter1000 0.2%, Ammonium Sulphate Herbicide Adjuvant.

Nitrogen- 15/5/2020: Flexi N 80L/ha.

Immediately Pre seeding – 15/5/2020: Paraquat 1L/ha, Treflan 2L/ha, Metribuzin 750WG 125g/ha, Conquest Alpha Forte 250 SC 40ml/ha.

Seed and In-furrow treatments 15/5/2020: As per trial design.


Seeding- 15/5/2020: Barley RGT Planet 64kg/ha, Double Phos 132kg/ha, Sulphate of Potash 50kg/ha.


Nitrogen Top-up- 24/6/2020 – Flexi N 80L/ha.

Z32 Application Sprays – 13/8/2020: As per design.

Z32 Bumper Spray – 17/8/2020: As per design.

Flag Leaf Application Sprays – 4/9/2020: As per design.


Dots on the graphs represent data points from each replicate.

10 days post flag leaf sprays

Leaf infection rating (1-10) 20 WAS

Return on Investment and Yield




Control vs Bumper fb Bumper

Control vs Z31 Radial

Control vs Flagleaf Radial

Control vs Topnotch fb Radial

Control vs Flagleaf Aviator xpro

Control vs Topnotch fb Aviator Xpro

Control vs SD Systiva

Control vs Systiva fb Z31Radial

Control vs Systiva fb Flagleaf Radial

Control vs SD Systiva fb Topnotch  fb Radial

Control vs SD Systiva fb Topnotch fb Aviator Xpro

Control vs IF Uniform +  Vibrance

Control vs IF Uniform + Vibrance fb Radial

Control vs IF Uniform + Vibrance fb Flagleaf Radial

Control vs IF Uniform + Vibrance fb Topnotch fb Radial

Control vs IF Uniform + Vibrance fb Topnotch fb Aviator Xpro

Key Findings

  • A decile 1 year for disease resulted in no significant difference between treatments with respect to yield, however, there were numerical differences.
  • Conical snail damage late September, snails moving up the canopy and feeding on the upper leaves – were inverting the green leaf retention results.
  • SD Systiva 150ml/100kg fb Z31 Radial 600ml/ha was the most effective treatment, reducing infection of FL-2 by 18% compared to the control. However, this was not significantly different to most of the treatments (including the control) due to low disease pressure.
  • Z31 Topnotch 400ml/ha with SD Systiva fb FL Radial and Z31 Topnotch 400ml/ha with SD Systiva fb FL Aviator X-Pro reduced disease by 16% and 17% respectively compared to the control.
  • Level of disease pressure must be taken into account when deciding whether to use fungicides
  • This trial indicates the benefits of well-timed treatments. Be it seed treatment with a follow up spray or a Z31 foliar spray followed by a Flag leaf foliar spray.
  • Crops are generally considered at risk of yield loss when SFNB is easily found on all plants and the infection affects more than 10 per cent of the leaf area. Rainfall during late winter and spring favours SFNB infection and will increase potential losses. Therefore, the 2020 season is a prime example of when not to spray, in order to gain the most economic value from your crop and your system.