Clearfield Canola Varieties

By 31 August 2020January 20th, 2021Dumbleyung, Dumbleyung Canola Varieties

Company: Pacific Seeds; Pioneer

Objective: To demonstrate the differences in single, dual and triple stacked clearfield technologies


Early Knockdown 23/03/20 – NuFarm WeedMaster DST (1.5L/ha); FMC Hammer (15mL/ha); NuFarm Striker (60mL/ha); Corteva Garlon (80mL/ha); NuFarm BS1000 (0.2%); Ammonium Sulphate (1%)

Immediately Pre-seeding 29/05/20 – ADAMA Spraytop (2L/ha); FMC Hammer (20mL/ha); NuFarm TriflurX (2L/ha); Conquest Alpha Forte (160mL/ha)

Flexi-N 29/05/20 – CSBP Flexi-N (80L/ha)


Seeding 29/05/20 – Each variety @25 plants/m2; Impact InFurrow (200mL/ha); Sulphate of Potash (50kg/ha); Double Phos (130kg/ha)


Clearfield Grass Control 24/07/20 – BASF Intervix (0.5L/ha); VicChem Hasten (0.5%)