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Revystar Barley Foliar Fungicide

By 26 August 2020January 21st, 2021Dumbleyung 2020, Fungicides 2020

Company: BASF


  1. Compare the commercial performance of Revystar Fungicide for disease control versus competitor fungicides.
  2. Give growers & industry members an opportunity to assess Revystar in a commercial environment.


Early Knockdown 23/03/20 – NuFarm WeedMaster DST 1.5L/ha; BASF Sharpen 20g/ha; NuFarm Kamba 750 200mL/ha; VicChem Hasten 1%; Ammonium Sulphate 1%.

Pre-Seeding Knockdown 27/05/20 – NuFarm WeedMaster DST 1L/ha; Corteva Goal 60mL/ha; FMC Hammer 15mL/ha; Wetter 1000 0.2%; Ammonium Sulphate 1%.

Immediately Pre-Seeding 02/06/20 – ADAMA Spraytop 1L/ha; NuFarm TriflurX 2L/ha; Sipcam Stacato 125g/ha; Conquest Alpha Forte 40mL/ha.


Seeding 02/06/20 – Sparticus Barley 70 kg/ha; Raxil T SD 100mL/100kg; Double Phos 130kg/ha; Sulphate of Potash 50 kg/ha


Nitrogen Top-up 10/07/20 – CSBP Flexi-N (50L/ha).

Radish Control 20/07/20 – Bayer Tigrex (750ml/ha); Syngenta Logran (5g/ha); Conquest Alpha Forte (60mL/ha); Dimethoate (150mL/ha).

Treatment Sprays 26/08/20 – Products and rates in design above.

21 DAA

28 DAA

48 DAA