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CSBP Phosphorus Response

By 21 August 2020January 21st, 2021Dumbleyung 2020, Dumbleyung Nutrition 2020


Objective: To determine the responsiveness of wheat to phosphorus (P) fertiliser and the effectiveness of Agras compared to MAP.

Background: This trial is part of a GRDC project aimed at increasing profit from nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) fertiliser inputs. Cropping systems have evolved a lot over the last 20 years with the adoption of no-till, earlier seeding and rainfall has declined. In this project, there are 40 one-year P response trials being conducted on wheat over 4 years to determine whether P fertiliser requirements have changed. These trials will also be used to evaluate different soil sampling methods and alternative laboratory tests.


Early Knockdown 23/03/20 – NuFarm WeedMaster DST 1.5L/ha; FMC Hammer 15mL/ha; NuFarm Striker 60mL/ha; Corteva Garlon 80mL/ha; NuFarm BS1000 0.2%; Ammonium Sulphate 1%.

Pre-Seeding Knockdown 27/05/20 – ADAMA Spraytop 1L/ha; NuFarm TriflurX 2L/ha; Conquest Alpha Forte 40mL/ha.


Seeding 03/06/20 – Scepter Wheat 70kg/ha; Evergol Energy Seed Treatment 130mL/ha.

(Additional fertilizer inputs are in the trial design).


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