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Mateno®️ Complete : Control of grass and broadleaf weeds in wheat

Company: Bayer

 Registration expected for ~2022. New mode of action suited to stubble retained systems. Likely: Flexibility to apply IBS or early post emergent with activity on a range of grass and broadleaf weeds.



The Mateno Complete trial was established at the David Grays AgroAdvantage trial site in Dumbleyung, WA. Herbicide applications included Incorporated by sowing (IBS) treatments, applied the same day as sowing with good incorporation and soil throw. The next main rain event occurred on the 17/18th June with 20mm recorded at the site using a field centric weather station. Wild Radish Raphanus raphanistrum and volunteer Bonito Canola were spread prior to spraying IBS treatments, to mimic a medium-high weed burden of approximately 8 plants/m2 (90% germ test). Mateno complete contains active ingredients; Diflufenican, Pyroxasulfone and a new MOA Aclinofen. Chemical groups F, K with Aclinofen to be decided.




1. Demonstrate the crop safety of Mateno Complete in wheat when used as an IBS or EPE application.
2. Demonstrate the efficacy of Mateno Complete  on a range of weed species.
3. Compare Mateno Complete  to key competitors for crop safety and weed control.


Early knockdown – 16/3/2020: Nufarm WeedMaster DST 1.5L/ha, Sharpen 20g/ha, Hasten 1%, Ammonium Sulphate 1%.

Early knockdown – 23/3/2020: Nufarm WeedMaster DST 1.5/ha, Sharpen 20g/ha, Kamba 750 200ml/ha, Hasten 1%, Ammonium Sulphate 1%.

Pre-seeding Knockdown 19/5/2020: Nufarm WeedMaster DST 1/ha, Sharpen 20g/ha, Hasten 1%, Ammonium Sulphate 1%

Early nitrogen Application 4/6/2020: Flexi N 80L/ha

Immediately Pre-seeding Wheat – 4/6/2020: ADAMA Spray Top 1L/ha, Conquest Alpha Forte 250 SC 40ml/ha


Seeding – 4/6/2020: Wheat- Scepter 70kg/ha, Double Phos 150kg/ha, Sulphate of Potash 50kg/ha, Evergol Energy seed treatment 130ml/100kg, Impact infurrow fungicide 400ml/ha.


EPE Treatment Applications – 8/7/2020: as per design.

Nitrogen Top-up – 10/7/2020: Flexi N 80L/ha.


Figures followed by the same letter are not considered to be statistically different (p=0.05), for example a control rating of 90 bc is considered statistically different to 95a but not to a control rating of 87 bcd. A ‘- ‘symbol identifies no significant difference between treatments. All results have been analysed through ARM software.

LOLMG = Annual Ryegrass

RAPRA = Wild Radish

BRSRC = Volunteer Canola

Percentage Average Weed Control 28DAAB

Figure 1. Percentage average control of Annual Ryegrass, Wild Radish and Volunteer canola. Assessed 28 days post EPE applications (48 days post sowing and IBS applications).

Weed counts 28DAAB

Figure 2. Average weed counts/m2 of Annual Ryegrass, Wild Radish and Volunteer canola. Assessed 28 days post EPE applications (48 days post sowing and IBS applications).

Weed counts 28DAAB

Pannicle counts 112 DAAB

Figure 3. Pannicle counts of annual rye grass, conducted 16 WAAB

Percentage control ratings 112 DAAB

Figure 4. Percentage control ratings of annual ryegrass and wild radish 112 DAAB.

Yield (t/ha)

Figure 5. Average yield data across four replicates, expressed as t/ha.

Key Findings


  • Mateno Complete applied IBS had some activity on BLW also. 50-60%.
  • Mateno Complete performed significantly (P<0.05) higher than all other grass herbicides.
  • > 16 weeks residual effect on IBS applied plots.
  • No significant difference between Mateno low and high rates (P=0.05).
  • Good crop saftey.


  • Rapid burn down of 2-4 leaf BLW.
  • 16 weeks residual EPE applied plots.
  • Grass herbicide applied up front followed by Mateno EPE provided best control of both weed types.
  • No significant difference between Mateno low (750ml/ha) and high (1L/ha) rates (P=0.05).
  • Trifluralin fb Mateno low and high rates, Avadex fb Mateno performed equally as well.
  • Matching pre and EPE treatments together will provide best outcome for weed control and MOA rotation.
  • Transient crop bleaching due to Diflufenican (group F).

Photos 29/7/2020 28DAAB


Triflur X 2L/ha

Sakura Flow 0.21 L/ha

Boxer Gold 2.5L/ha

Luximax 500ml/ha

Mateno Complete 750ml/ha

Mateno Complete 1L/ha

TriflurX 2L/ha fb Mateno Complete 750ml/ha EPE

Avadex Xtra 2L/ha fb Mateno Complete 1L/ha EPE

Mateno Complete L/ha EPE