David Grays Aglink

"A West Australian success story"
David Grays Aglink is the commercial agriculture division of David Gray & Co Pty Ltd.


Crop Protection - Ag Chem

David Grays Aglink holds accounts with all major multi-national agricultural chemical supply companies as well as strategic national and local suppliers. David Grays Aglink is recognised as a key distribution partner for all major suppliers and accordingly we are able to offer our agents clientele the most competitive commercial offer in the industry.


Broadacre Seeds

With the advent of major technological advancement in this market space, David Grays Aglink has supply partnerships with all leading breeders and suppliers of cereals, canola, and legume seed varieties.


Horticulture Seeds

David Grays Aglink is today the market-leading supplier of horticultural seed products throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory.


Animal Health

David Grays Aglink is able to offer our key agents clientele products from all major Animal Health and Animal Husbandry suppliers in the Australasian market. As part of the national Livestock Link group we are able to give our agents clients access to the latest supplier driven deals and promotions as well as take advantage of one off volume buys to ensure they receive the very best commercial position.


Crop Nutrition - Fertilisers

Crop Nutrition remains a key focus of the business. Separated into 3 main segments:
1) Commodity Fertilisers,
2) Soluble Fertigation Products,
3) Liquid Bulk and Packaged Products.



David Grays Aglink is able to offer our agents clientele access to a full range of General Merchandise, Fencing and Pet Food Suppliers. Our agents clients are able to access the latest products and leading brands from over 50 rural merchandise suppliers.


Pasture Seeds

David Grays Aglink has partnered with the industry leading seed species and varieties suppliers in the pasture seed market segment. With growers today concentrating on getting maximum production of quality pastures it is critical that they are able to use products supplied by the leaders in research and development.


David Grays Aglink

“A West Australian success story”

David Grays Aglink is the commercial agriculture division of David Gray & Co Pty Ltd.

David Grays Aglink was formed in 2005 by David Gray, Warren Stirrat and John Cross who at the time recognised the opportunity to start a wholesale distribution business servicing independent rural agents in Western Australia.

With an annual market share approaching 25% of the West Australian crop chemical market, David Grays Aglink has built a strong foundation as a services oriented business and twelve years on service is still the cornerstone of everything we do.

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Mission Statement:

Become the distribution partner of choice for the leading independent rural agents in the WA and NT agricultural market.

We will provide our clients the best possible commercial offer combined with continued customer service excellence.


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Seed Connect

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Broadacre Seeds

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“We have dealt with a number of distribution companies

in the past 20 years. David Grays Aglink have proven to be the

most effective supplier in making our business truly competitive and profitable.”

Glenn Cooper,Donnybrook Farm Services